In streaming content is king

I have tried a handful of video streaming services this year. And I’ve realized that the most critical aspect of a streaming service is content. Everything else is secondary: apps, curation, brand, etc.  Most services have affordable pricing (€6-€12 per month), which means they need customers to subscribe for a long time to succeed. However, few […]


COVID-19 has turned 2020 into a challenging year for restaurants/bars.  They had to overcome many challenges, including: Not being able to receive guests for part of the year; Restrictions on how many guests they can receive and opening hours; Less demand due to customers being afraid of being infected Less demand due to lower consumer confidence.  […]

Setting up office hours

I am setting up office hours. My goal is to be available to help folks regardless if they are part of my immediate peer group. I am primarily interested in helping on topics related to career advice or software development. This is still an experiment. Therefore, I am open to see how the format evolves […]

Traveling is a work in progress

Traveling is a system I continuously try to improve. Improving this makes my trips smoother and more enjoyable.  I think improving at traveling requires intention. Traveling takes you out of your natural habitat – your city and your routine. To make traveling more pleasant, you need to actively mold this foreign environment.  Below is a […]

Working in unfamiliar codebases

Working with unfamiliar codebases is uncomfortable. It is easy to get overwhelmed with everything you don’t know. There are deliberate actions you can take to be an “effective beginner” in unfamiliar codebases. Familiar codebases are within your comfort zone. Someone asks you to add a feature and you know exactly where to add it and […]