What matters most

A key part of having good judgment is understanding what matters most. The things that matter most yield the highest value. Focusing on these things allows you to reach your goal faster, increase your impact, or consume fewer resources.  Understanding what matters most is useful because often we are constrained by a specific resource: time, […]

Union Types and Sorbet

Sorbet – a type checker for Ruby – supports union types. A union type describes a value that can be one of several types. This post shows one scenario in which I found union types useful. I occasionally use a Result Object when creating API wrappers. The Result Object can either contain the data from […]

Desirable attributes of 3rd party APIs

Over the years, I’ve integrated countless 3rd party APIs into codebases. I’ve used these 3rd party APIs for payments, sending emails, getting information from data providers, among many other things. Those experiences informed my opinions about the attributes I find desirable in an API. This post is a list of those attributes. These attributes influence […]

In streaming content is king

I have tried a handful of video streaming services this year. And I’ve realized that the most critical aspect of a streaming service is content. Everything else is secondary: apps, curation, brand, etc.  Most services have affordable pricing (€6-€12 per month), which means they need customers to subscribe for a long time to succeed. However, few […]


COVID-19 has turned 2020 into a challenging year for restaurants/bars.  They had to overcome many challenges, including: Not being able to receive guests for part of the year; Restrictions on how many guests they can receive and opening hours; Less demand due to customers being afraid of being infected Less demand due to lower consumer confidence.  […]