Playing with IPFS

I’ve been playing a bit with IPFS in the last couple of days. IPFS is protocol that aims to replace the HTTP layer of the web. Some of its notable aspects include: it is a peer to peer protocol so, content can be served from any node in the network. Imagine if the BitTorrent protocol […]

Some notes about my git setup

When I started using git regularly I found most terminal commands hard to understand. As a result, in the beginning I only used git through Sourcetree. As time progressed, I got more comfortable with its key concepts and started doing more operations through the terminal. Currently I do most git related operations in the terminal. […]

A random walk through profiling RSpec tests

In the past couple of weeks I have been spending more time looking at the performance of the pages I work in through the use of rack-mini-profiler and New Relic. I’ve noticed that as I have more visibility of the impact of code on performance, I write more performant code. I started wondering if some […]

Untitled Idea

This is an adapted transcript of a talk I gave yesterday. This talk is about an untitled idea about a project I never started. Living is dying I like the apparent contradiction in this sentence. It reminds me of how ephemeral our existence is. By the time we take our first breadth we can immediately […]

Testing guide

There are many phases when learning about a tool. I start by trying to understand its purpose, the intent behind its design and what distinguishes from other similar tools. Then I move on to learn about its syntax and constructs, so I can start using the tool. As I get more proficient with a tool, […]

Some links on architecture in Rails

The other day while preparing a presentation on architecture in Rails applications I tried to gather the links that have been influential for me on the topic. These were things that I discovered across a period of months (and a lot of them are quite old) so I figured they could be helpful to others […]

Communication is leverage

The bottlenecks throughout development come from limitations in human communication – Kent Beck We have been doing code reviews for a while and this year we decided to look into a couple of things we could do to improve our code review culture. We looked into a lot of things. One of them being pull […]


When I talk about a certain topic repeatedly with different people I start feeling like I should turn it into a blog post. This is one of those topics. I think these topics deserve to be written because they often involve references to books I’ve read or videos I’ve seen and I kind of want […]


I often think about what draws me to publishing things online. An important part of it is because I find writing to be the most powerful communication tool and publishing online is a means to practicing it. Another important part, that I often overlook, is the fact that through writing you can help others learn […]