Mental models in programming

I have been trying to notice more often the kind of mental models I use while programming. By mental models I mean some heuristics I use to guide my thinking when making decisions, planning my work, using my processes. In particular mental models related to adding non trivial features to large codebases. I think having […]

Optionality in the mobile paradigm

I have lived through the golden age and maturity (and decline?) of the PC paradigm. But I am too young to have witness its irruption. This contrasts with the mobile paradigm in which I have observed most of its phases. Right after the iPhone was created we had a frenzy of entrepreneurs and mobile apps […]

It has been a while

Haven’t blogged in a while. There is certainly laziness involved to the lack of activity. But above everything I just didn’t feel like going through the process of editing posts. Let’s say every post usually involves a main idea, insight or observation. To get that seed concept to a post I usually feel the urge […]

Yearly countdowns

I really enjoyed watching this countdown of the 25 best films of 2016. It is so nicely put together, the footage from multiple movies and the music on top of it really add something to the author’s 2016 picks. One of the things I like about the holiday season is consuming all these lists in […]

An example for using a Fiber as an iterator

A couple of weeks ago I had to create a method similar to ActiveRecord::Batches#find_in_batches. The goal was to have an abstraction over querying a large data set in chunks. The data needed to be queried in chunks for performance reasons (i.e. less memory consumption and smaller query latency). An example of an hypothetical implementation of […]

Playing with Coinbase’s API

Whenever I log into Coinbase I am greeted with a dashboard showing the latest prices for Bitcoin/Ethereum. Even though knowing the latest price is useful, the question I often ask myself is “What would be my gains/losses if I were to sell now?”. For example the BTC price might be 600€ and that might be […]


I am at RubyConf PT for the week and one of the things that ends up happening is having (insightful) bike shed like conversations with others. I enjoy these conversations because I end up learning something new or recalling some past experiences. Throughout one of the discussions I was wondering about some coding related epiphanies […]

Music services: product and surrounding culture

I am an avid listener of Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio and a Spotify power user. It is been interesting to see how both services are developing their product in different directions. One way to look into it is through the automation/manual dichotomy. Spotify is doubling down on their efforts of curation using automation through […]

Informal financial services and decentralized apps

When thinking about financial services, it is very common to only consider what I’d call formal financial services. Formal financial services can be understood as the services we access through financial institutions and which are regulated by financial sector laws: bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards, stock brokerage, investment retirement accounts, etc. There are millions of […]