Writing small code

This talk is great by @mark_menard and if you are into the topic of writing clean code, then you should see it. The examples are super! I wrote some notes for further reference which you can find below: The great thing about writing shitty code that just works is that it is too risky and […]

Reading code good

I can’t stress how much I liked this talk. The visuals are just rad: the typography, the cartoons. The jokes that Saron throws here and there. When I grow up I want to pull off a talk like that! What I like the most about the talk is that it talks about a topic that […]

Everything dies. Sometimes they die well.

And therein lies the problem of side projects. They will either muddle along as a fun side project and provide a necessary distraction from your main work, or they will grow and demand your attention. They want to be fed. The answer to “what if this fails” is easy. You shut it down. The answer […]

The problem with hit radio

Mass markets and math being what they are, it’s likely that many of the ideas and products you consume in your life are in fact, consumed because they’re the most popular. It takes a conscious effort to seek out the thing that’s a little less obvious, the choice that’s a little more risky. Popular is […]

Massimo and me

Design isn’t just battling ugliness. It’s also an unending fight for beauty, balance, consistency, and parity, because the world devolves into an ugly, imbalanced, inconsistent, and unequal place unless we are vigilant.

Who was Ambrosio built for? #DesignMonday

Yesterday, I attended Design Monday’s monthly meetup on the topic of Personas. Personas is a technique that has been existing since the late 90’s, way before the term UX was coined. It’s a great tool for all designers, and I believe it can be used in all fields of design. For me it’s a way […]

Only Openings

I really enjoy what Frank Chimero writes. I like the clarity, the honesty as well, and I also like nor knowing what to expect from a new post. This talk is no different. I’ve just kept some passages for further reference below. The talk is a must read! We often mischaracterize design as a practice […]

Graduation Day

I finished my Master’s Degree last year in June and today is the official graduation ceremony. Today, more than thinking about what I’ve learned so far, I am reminiscing about how that particular period of finishing my Degree felt to me. It was an overwhelming period caught between closing some doors (finishing my thesis, finishing […]

On Simplicity

The hard thing is not doing what hasn’t been done yet, but doing what everybody is doing in a way that nobody expects. The hard thing is simplicity. I found this one by reading an interview about Alex Atala – one of the leading chefs in the world. Which also happens to have been a […]

The case for code reviews

I was generally aware of how relevant code reviews are for the development process in terms of ensuring certain programming conventions in the team, transferring knowledge from more experienced to less experienced programmers and spotting defects early. Yet I did not know how code reviews compare with other software quality procedures such as testing. A […]