Strategies and techniques

I’m reading this wonderful book about learning, The Practice of Practice.

One of the ideas the book discusses is the difference between strategies and techniques while learning.

A strategy is a learning approach that anyone of any skill level can
adopt. Technique is the skill necessary to use the strategy well.

When great musicians practice, they go slowly enough that errors are
avoided. When an error does crop up, expert practicers fix those
errors immediately. That’s the strategy: fixing a mistake immediately.

The technique necessary for the strategy of fixing errors immediately
is based on your ability to actually perceive the error, a common
difficulty for beginners.

Today, I recalled how such a distinction, strategy vs. technique could be applied to this side project I’m involved in – Ambrósio.

Early on we figured that we didn’t have any content and in order to build the content for the project we committed to posting something new, every week, every Wednesday morning. This was the strategy that we came up in order to generate content and to keep the project alive. The technique was putting a process in place to create, review, market and publish the content. Improvements on the technique help us get the most out of the strategy.

This strategy has probably been the choice that has had the biggest impact on the project, it gives us the momentum that we need to keep going. Over a year has passed (54 weeks as of this moment) and it almost seems that we have an endless stream of content. Yet, choosing the strategy was probably the easiest choice, the hard work is in the daily grind – improving our publishing process, reviewing the work, fixing bugs, doing chores – the technique.