Play that funky music

Last month I started learning to dance locking. I really like dancing it but for me the coolest thing of this dance style is the music, disco and funk music. There is a rad groovyness, and contagiousness that this genre has.

This week I started creating a playlist on this genre and stumbled into a couple of gems.

First, Uptown Special by Mark Ronson is a great album. I really like the album’s popular song “Uptown Funk” but “Feel Right” is simply awesome.

Some things I read about the album and liked:

the cumulative effect of Special’s contagious cool will keep hands up
and bad vibes down — and if all else fails, just put ‘Feel Right’ on

“Uptown Funk” hammers it home that this is most shamelessly disco
album since “Random Access Memories.”

Second, Giorgio Moroder, the pioneer of synth disco, is back in the game after a brief stop of 30 years. “Right Here, Right Now” with Kylie Minogue is beautiful. Daft Punk made a great “documentary song” about him with Giorgio by Moroder.

Play that funky music!