Twitter Revolutions

I read a cool op-ed about the protests that have been taking place in the past years all over the world in past week’s edition of Expresso:

Apart from Tunisia, the Arab spring was followed by the general’s
Autumn, the revolutionaries from the Tahir square soon lost to the
Muslim brotherhood in terms of political initiative and electoral
protagonism. In Brasil, the movement anti World Cup faded, and in
Turkey Erdogan won two consecutive elections. In regards to Hong Kong,
the Occupy Central movement shined but lost some strength. What do
Twitter revolutions need in order to succeed in the long term?
Ideology ? Organization ? Leaders?

The op-ed only asks questions and does not answer none. But these are important questions that I have been asking myself for a while. I see them as important cause :

  • I am part of a younger generation that eventually will have to lead the world ( if there is a planet to lead by then. But let’s not get into that now)
  • I think there is a significant part of our generation that is growing a sentiment of disillusionment with how things are

Anyhow, regarding the questions posed I think what lacked was organization. We have to create entities that either join the political system, or exert pressure on the political system. The revolutions can only be used as a trigger to something more long term. But yeah, easier said then done, but at least asking questions is a good starting point.