During the past days I attended RubyConf PT. It was an enriching experience in many levels: you get to meet some people from the community, learn about a new technology, or discover a new technology.

Probably my biggest takeaway is perhaps not strictly technology related. During the event I noticed an interesting pattern: whenever somebody would ask a speaker “how do you end up getting where you are (maintaining so many open source modules / uncovering the internals of that technology / writing those books) ? The answer would regularly be along the lines of ”I was just curious and wanted to learn more about it and eventually arrived here“.

It is always inspiring to meet people that are curious about a particular topic, and have the drive to feed that curiosity (whichever that curiosity might be).

Be curious, work hard and amazing things will happen.

P.S. The organizers of RubyConf PT did an amazing work by the way!