LXJS 2014

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend this year’s edition of LXJS. It was a remarkable experience to be there and I hope to attend next year’s edition as well.

What I like the most was the eclectic content of the conference: From nodebots to the importance of education, from web components to the impact of technology, from talks to workshops. By the way, the venue was also great.

I think a conference is valuable if it somehow shapes you, either by something that you learned, a connection you made or giving the hope you needed to develop a certain project. And this surely did that for me.

The talks that I liked the most were:

Apart from that I also had loads of fun with the Nodebots workshop. I hope there is another opportunity to play with Nodebots soon!

Well, all in all I just wanted to thank the organizers, speakers and trainers for pulling off an amazing event! I hope more people have the opportunity to attend this event!