Reading code good

I can’t stress how much I liked this talk.

The visuals are just rad: the typography, the cartoons. The jokes that Saron throws here and there. When I grow up I want to pull off a talk like that!

What I like the most about the talk is that it talks about a topic that is very dear to me. Having the desire to become an expert in a certain field. And realizing that there is a ton of stuff that you don’t know, there are things that you don’t know you don’t know, things that you knew but you forgot, things that you thought you knew but you didn’t, and oh by the way this stuff changes all the time. But more important than the realization is coming up with a way to learn what needs to be learned.

In that respect I really liked the idea of a Code Club.

It’s like a Book Club, but you read code instead. You can do it
remotely (we do it via Google Hangout), or in person. We meet every
Sunday at 11AM for one hour of reading.

I often hear that reading code is great for self development but I hadn’t seen a practical explanation of how to pull it off. And even though she explains how to do it within a group, I think those principles can be easily applied to a Book Club of one.

I hope to take these tips and start reading code good!

P.S. In case you want to start a Code Club let me know. I’m looking forward to read more code on Ruby and JavaScript.