Everything dies. Sometimes they die well.

And therein lies the problem of side projects. They will either muddle
along as a fun side project and provide a necessary distraction from
your main work, or they will grow and demand your attention. They want
to be fed. The answer to “what if this fails” is easy. You shut it
down. The answer to “what if this succeeds” is much harder. Especially
when you’re not willing to walk away from your main job. And I wasn’t.

I’m very fond of side projects. Side projects have done a lot for me both personally and professionally: Learning new skills, giving back to society, becoming a better person, you name it!

As my current side project evolves I get more attached to it. Sometimes I’m concerned if it will eventually end due to the issues exposed in the blogpost.

Well well, I better make the most out of it while it lasts!