Search vs. Discovery

I think Seth Godin is one of the authors that has influence me the most. I discovered him by accident while watching a TED talk (back in the day when people spent hours watching TED talks. When was the last time you did that?). Since that moment I have read most of his books since the Purple Cow. There was also a period in which I was reading every single of his blog posts.

Nowadays, I don’t read his blog posts as often as I did, but it feels nice to go back and read something with which I profoundly agree:

Amazon and Google have done an incredible job of providing the answer
to search. It’s not obvious, though, that we’ve made nearly as much
progress in helping people discover ideas, hidden gems, friends,
opportunities, places, important issues or the truth (about anything).
Seems like a huge opportunity.

This is one of the reasons why I think projects like Ambrosio matter. Today, more things are being produced then before, but there are also more mediocre things. People have less time, and they continuously value services that help them find the things that matter – in whichever field that might be!