On Design

I really like to read books of people that create stuff. I enjoy understanding what drives them, what is their process as well as learning more about their work.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the book Inside Outside which is an essay written by Eduardo Aires, one of the most awarded Portuguese designers.

First and foremost, the book itself is a piece of art: the paper, the typography, the details all help making it a very pleasant and beautiful read.

What I liked the most about the book was learning about his take on what design is

Design is the formal process of synthesis in order to convey a clear

Eduardo believes that the process is key to design. That while there is some poetry in Design, logic is also very important. I also was amazed about how much research can be made in order to make a wine label. And most importantly how crucial is that research to the final product. As Eduardo puts very well

When we look back at the evolution of the project and look to the
research we have made as well as the evolution of the drawing we
suddenly realize that the answer was always there.