Every week I indulge in eating out. A nice meal, with great company in a pleasant place is something I deeply enjoy.

Yet I find it hard to spot great new places to eat outside.

When was the last time you couldn’t decide where to eat and ended up going somewhere you know too well just to avoid the risk of an unpleasant surprise?

When was the last time you were in a neighborhood/city you aren’t familiar with and could not find someone to recommend you a decent place to have a drink?

When was the last time you were walking in the street and accidentally found a lovely place to eat and wondered why didn’t you discover it earlier?

I find myself in these situations too often and I have been longing for something that would aid me in the hunt for a remarkable place to eat.

Apparently I am not alone, and for the past weeks some friends and I have been working on a little project to take care of that. We like to call it Ambrosio.

Basically, we hope to create the tool that we are missing. Hopefully Ambrosio will be able to give great recommendations as that friend of yours that knows your taste, as well as the perfect location for every situation.

So, the dream is big and Rome was not built in a day. Our vision of Ambrosio is still being developed. But in the meantime we have created a weekly newsletter where we will share some of the places in Lisbon that we liked and that we think you might like. You can think of it as Ambrosio’s Minimum Viable Product.

We are putting a lot of effort and care into going to each place, taking photos, talking to the owners, eating, writing texts as well as programming. We hope you like the newsletter and we would be very happy to have your feedback so we can improve Ambrosio as we build it!

You can subscribe to the newsletter at our website


P.S. I will share some of the lessons I learn with Ambrosio in my blog!